Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Too Hot to Trot

As the spectators were feeling the heat at Sunday polo, Omar Cepeda was keeping his cool on the field, leading Virginia Beach to victory against Brigadoon 8 - 4. Cepeda scored 4 out of their 8 goals, earning himself the MVP award for the day and a nice pair of Casablanca knee pads courtesy of Final Chukker.

It was good to see Justin Pimsner back in action after Bill Townsend filled in for him at the last game. What a comeback he made with his pony Tilly, who received the Best Playing Pony award. They were awarded a pair of spurs and a whip courtesy of Final Chukker, although after her performance Sunday, we doubt Tilly needs the extra encouragement.

Since the winning team blew the competition away, it was only seen fit that they each receive a Kubota leaf blower and hat, courtesy of Holley Tractor. Virginia Beach’s team includes MVP of the day, Omar Cepeda, Bart Frye, Robert McKenzie, and Phil Staples. The runner-up team, Brigadoon, consisting of Christine Cato, Cindy Kelly, Todd Martineau, and Justin Pimsner were awarded beautiful paper weights, also courtesy of Holley Tractor. Although Todd said he was a bit disappointed there wasn’t a bottle of wine waiting on the table for him [Joking of course…or was he?]

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but there were umbrellas scattered on the sidelines to help beat the sweltering sun. Polo fans were dressed to stay cool, with straw hats and shades being the most popular accessories. While casual was the dress code behind the boards, Cindy Kelly of Brigadoon was keeping it fashionable…even in her whites!

We saw that most fans arrived in their automobiles; however, Christian Schaumann & family decided to stroll in by vintage bicycle caravan. It brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “sunday stroll.” As the refreshments’ cart circled Whitney Field, beer & wine were overlooked for bottles of water to quench the thirst of the crowd and man’s best friends. Under the shaded hospitality tent, fans sat at tables with bright orange linens and enjoyed some good country cooking served up by Dan Bullington.

At half time, spectators competed for the coveted “Best Divot Stomper” award with three prizes going to both young and old stompers. With so many divots on the field, even a little help was needed from our furry four-leggers…we mean the dogs, not the horses. Half time also provided a break for our umpires, Geoff Cameron and Billy Raab, and a bit of a breeze for all of us in the hot seats.

Overall, it was a great day for polo at Whitney Field, despite the blazing temperatures.

Join us this Sunday, at 3pm, for the Cup of Aiken presented by The Smoak family. Stay tuned for upcoming contests each Sunday!

Until next Sunday, Marco…