Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Windy Win for Aiken Hay Farms!

Those pesky April showers brought us a field change this past Sunday to Loughrea East, which is home to Brigadoon Polo. Aiken Hay Farms controlled most of the game against Hyde Park Farms, except the second chukker where they made some good plays for a comeback. Luis Galvan played exceptionally well. Despite Hyde Park's efforts, they were defeated by Aiken Hay Farms 9-6 for this 4 goal tournament game.

Maybe it was all that wind, but Aiken Hay player, Devon Dailey took a spill from his horse in the fourth chukker. We hope this won't be become a habit, but according to APC club manager, Craig Fraser, he has fallen off in both games he's played so far this season. Although there was no speaker equipment for Bob Besley to use for announcing, he was still full of his usual Bobisms. As soon as Devon was up and okay, Bob joked that he fell off that horse "like a sack of potatoes." As we left the announcer stand, I also heard Bob say, "He went through that goal like he had winds in his sails." Even without a microphone, he's still doing his thing in the announcer stand!

If you were wondering why we weren't giving out prizes this week, it's probably because we didn't arrive until the end of the third chukker. It's a long story, but let's just say that Lindsey and road detours on 302 don't mix. We promise to be back with all your favorites awards and prizes next week! Let's keep our fingers crossed for a Sunday game at Whitney Field!

APC is currently accepting memberships for the 2010 season. If you are interested in Full, practice, family, junior, parking or social memberships please contact club manager Craig Fraser at

Until next time, Marco...


Sunday, April 18, 2010

2010 Polo Season Springs Into Action

For this Sunday's spring opener polo game, everyone was a winner! Aiken Hay Farm and Foxdale Equine teams were tied 13-13 at the end of the 6th chukker and the fans got to see a great game! [If you were wondering why there was no overtime today, it's because this match wasn't a part of the tournament which starts next Sunday at Whitney Field. For the tournament schedule and team rosters, visit ]

If you want to win a prize from the CMP gals, showering us with compliments never hurts your chances, as Dan and Gayle Elliott and Jack McElwee found out. We had already decided they were in the top running for Best Tailgate after we spotted the salmon and sushi spread, but telling the CMP gals that we were "a sure sign of spring" definitely sealed the deal! They were awarded a gift certificate to The Restaurant at The Willcox, one of our new sponsors for the spring! Gayle was delighted with the prize, saying it was one of their favorite downtown spots to eat!

Sometimes we just can't decide on one dog to win, so we choose a French bulldog and a Boston terrier owned by Eric and Allison Brinkley for our Polo Pooches of the Day. Mya and Hazel were enjoying their first time at polo although Hazel was looking a bit bloated, shall we say. Apparently, Hazel got into the cat food right before polo according to Eric. She still managed to have room for those yummy prize treats from Bone-i-Fide Bakery!

Setting the bar for this season's Best Dressed award was Alanna Wigdahl in a strapless white sundress and platform shoes. Proving that a sundress can be functional & sexy, she and Amanda Hersey got a little practice in with their foot mallets before the game started. The Best Dressed prize came from another new sponsor, Pink Clothing Company, located in the Holley Building in downtown Aiken.

CMP gal Lindsey gave announcer Bob Besley a bit of help during halftime and chose Jonathan Valdez as the Best Divot Stomper for the day. 10 year old Jonathan received an Aiken Polo Club hat and a high five for a job well done. Speaking of our favorite announcer, Bob never disappoints with his way with words. This week's favorite Bobism: "...sliced through the play like a loaf of bread." We look forward to what clever lines Bob comes up with next week.

We'll be back at Whitney Field next Sunday for polo action at 3:00! Don't forget...Aiken Polo Club is currently accepting memberships for the 2010 season. If you are interested in full, practice, family, junior, parking, or social memberships - please contact club manager Craig Fraser at!

Until next time, Marco...