Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gone til September...

Well fans, it’s the end of an amazing spring season at Whitney Field and what an end it was with a sudden death chukker between Aiken and High Cotton with High Cotton taking the Banks Mill Feeds 4 Goal win. Between a player falling off his pony, sudden death, and a pony losing one of his wraps during the game, fans were definitely kept on their toes the entire day. Best Playing Pony was awarded to Karen Reese’s [High Cotton] Lunch on the Hill, while Charlie “3 Sticks” Bostwick of Aiken took home the MVP. With the fans chanting “SPEECH, SPEECH!”, Charlie was humble and a great sportsman heard saying, “It’s so much fun to get beat by such a great team!”

There were many pooches on the sidelines, although you had to actually look for them considering they were all beating the heat underneath the nearest vehicle. Lucy, a Jack Russell puppy, didn’t seem to mind as she was seen playing on the field after the game. Even Bubbles, a yellow Lab, came out to say hi and get its photo taken. This week’s Polo Pooch of the Day was awarded to Barley, an American Staffordshire terrier, owned by Sean and CC of Rock Hill. They said they came down from Rock Hill specifically for a polo match…and boy did they get a lot more than just a game!

Lots of talk behind the boards was about the cool convertible car owned by Claude and Monique. The red and white two toned car with white rims was enjoyed not only for its look on the outside but also the cowhide seats on the inside. Many people couldn’t tell if it was a Camaro or a Mustang, but after one look at the rear, it donned the famous Mustang emblem. We were waiting on the winners to do a victory lap around the field on the back of it.

Divot stomping is a very important part of a polo game, while it also provides many people the opportunity to catch up with friends from across the field, it also helps ensure a safe second half for the players and ponies. The Best Divot Stomper award was given to Beth who just moved here from Florida. We look forward to seeing Beth stomping divots again in the fall.

We are very excited about the many new things coming in the fall! With new contests and prizes, it’s sure to been an amazing time on the sidelines. We will be bringing back our regular contests including Polo Pooch of the Day and Best Dressed, while introducing a few new contests & prizes. One prize that is sure to wow the crowd will be a free hour workout session with amazing Kenny Ray. K.Ray is a personal trainer to all the fittest and hottest people around town. He’s the “who’s who” around the fitness world and this is a prize you don’t want to miss out on.

Fans, we couldn’t ask for a better game or season! Thankfully, Mother Nature is a polo fan and we were lucky that rain didn’t ruin any Sunday games; although, we’re hoping that Mother Nature can help blow a few more breezes our way for the start of the fall season in September. If you’ve experienced a South Carolina summer, you know that it usually lasts until early November…if we’re lucky! Stay cool over the summer and be ready for exciting and better things in the fall!

Until September, Marco…

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sorry, Charlie...

For only 4 chukkers, the High Cotton and Aiken teams gave us quite an exciting match! By the third chukker, High Cotton was dominating the game 5-0 which led to their victory against the Aiken team with the final score of 7-4. Most memorable of the day was in the fourth chukker when a whistle was blown to stop play, but Charlie Bostwick kept right on going down the field. As announcer Bob put it, "$75 for a mallet, $2000 for a horse saddle, running up the field & realizing there is no one there - priceless." [We still love you, Charlie!]

Speaking of Mr. Bostwick, it looks like the nickname "Chucky 3 Sticks" is going to stick. After revealing the nickname last week on this blog, we heard Announcer Bob using it & even a few spectators. We are guessing that Charlie's horse, Bayview, must have enjoyed the attention, as it earned the Best Playing Pony for the day. As for the rest of the Aiken team [Charlie Armstrong, Ricardo Armstrong, & Taylor Freeman] if you keep hanging with "3 Sticks" you might find yourself with a new nickname as well!

Karen Reese was bringing the fire as she scored 5 goals for High Cotten. Although, with only 1 goal, Jason Wates wowed the sidelines and won MVP. His teammates Geoff Cameron, Karen Reese, and Rose Sease were all smiles at the trophy presentation after the game, celebrating their win & his MVP performance. [Don't think we didn't notice you showing a little skin, Geoff Camerson, in your ripped jersey!]

Once again we couldn't pick just one dog for the Polo Pooch of the Day, so we gave the goodies from Bone-i-Fide Bakery to Merlie and Striker. These corgis belong to Linda and John Kassel, who couldn't wait to give their pets the treats. We chatted with them after the game and discovered Merlie and Striker had already gotten a taste!

We were graced with highly enthusiastic divot stompers this week! One stomper was seen jumping high into the air and "diving" right on top of the big ones. Another creative stomper decided that turning back flips on the divots was the best route to go. Others were seen using their hands and even their furry friends. Creativity is key with divot stomping! Will you be the winner this Sunday?

We will be bringing back our Best Tailgating Spot and Best Dressed awards next Sunday, so be sure to dress up your spot [and yourself] to win some great prizes from our favorite downtown businesses! There are tailgating spots still available for the remainder of the spring and all of fall season. The spots are included in a social membership at Aiken Polo Club, which is only $400 and includes hospitality tent access during and after the Sunday games and invitations to all of the polo club's social events! See you behind the lines this Sunday at 3...the CMP gals will be at Whitney Field ready to spot YOU!

See you next week, Marco...


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Virginia Beach is HOT, HOT, HOT!

What a scorcher! The hot temperatures couldn't keep the fans away, as the sidelines of Whitney Field were packed for another finals Sunday! Meeting up on the field again were Duck Hill and Virginia Beach. Although, VA Beach won the game, the MVP for the day was Del Walton of Duck Hill. Phil Staples had the Best Playing Pony with his 4th chukker horse "62". As we tried to follow the one cloud in the sky that provided some shade, we mingled with the spectators and enjoyed the view from behind the boards. We saw a record number of umbrellas that were blocking the sun instead of rain drops (like the previous two Sundays!)

We also picked up a few new polo terms created by some of the younger Sunday regulars. They were happy to do a little "divot diving" during halftime and cheering on their favorite player, "Chucky 3 Sticks" Bostwick. Hopefully their harmless heckling from the sidelines wasn't too distracting to the players. This fun group can also be seen after the games every Sunday playing a few rounds of bocce ball!

Cay Young was wearing the perfect attire for the hot summer Sunday, which is why we chose her for the Best Dressed award sponsored by Equine Divine. We were digging her stylish aviator sunglasses with a green floral strapless sundress...perfect to even out those pesky shoulder tan lines! Kudos for being fashion forward with a functional and cool look!

Through rain or shine, this week's Polo Pooch of the Day, is always on the sidelines. Our favorite doberman, Buck, has been coming to polo all spring season and we finally awarded him for his continuous support! Buck and his owner Randy were thrilled to receive a doggy goodie bag from the CMP gals. Randy told us that he has been bringing Buck to the games to get him accustomed to horses, having just moved to Aiken recently and being unfamilar with life in horse country. We are proud of his progress so far! Keep up the good work, Buck!

It was a Sunday for rewarding our faithful polo regulars, as we gave Lydia Delrossi a gift certificate from One Hundred Laurens for having the Best Tailgating Spot. Ms. Delrossi knows what good presentation is and isn't afraid to show it with a table adorned with cheese, strawberries, and one of the most important items..."the bubbly!"

You know the deal...same place, same time. It's always recommended to bring your umbrellas, tents, pooches, wine, and friends. Sunday polo is a great way to spend the day with family and friends because you never know when the CMP gals will spot you! There are tailgating spots still available for the remainder of the spring and all of fall season. The spots are only $400 and also include a social membership. This means tent access during and after the game for complimentary cold ones and delicious food. Special thanks again to all our contest sponsors!

Until next Sunday, Marco...